Using the Options File in ArcGIS Server


The options file allows the license administrator to control user access to licenses on the license manager. Currently, only concurrent use licenses support use of the options file.

InterDev will use the options file to control access to multiple client’s licenses set up on a single license server.


This SOP is geared to the GIS Systems Administrator for MosaicGIS.


Knowledge of ArcGIS for Server and administrative access to the MosaicGIS platform.

Responsibilities GIS Systems Administrator – Will configure options file and refresh the license manager when any changes are made.


  • Open the options file (ARCGIS.opt) that is located in the ArcGIS License Manager installation location. The default location is C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\ArcGIS\License10.4\bin.

  • Make any edits necessary to add or remove user reservations. (e.g. RESERVE 1 EDITOR USER interdev\crice)

  • Launch ArcGIS License Server Administrator from Start > Programs > ArcGIS > License Manager > License Server Administrator.

  • Click Start/Stop License Service in the table of contents and click the Re-Read Licenses button to pick up the options file. To check whether the options have been applied, click Diagnostics and click View to view the debug log.

  • The options file should contain a new line for each user that requires a license to be reserved for them. Keep in mind that each line is CASE SENSETIVE.

Common Feature Name Internal Feature Name
Desktop Advanced ARC/INFO
Desktop Standard EDITOR
Desktop Basic VIEWER


Quality Control Checklist

To check whether the options have been applied, open License Server Administrator and click Diagnostics. Then, click View to view the debug log.

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