Municipal Annexation Guide

Process Outline

  1. Create annexation form and map for perspective annex-ee (Typically comes from John McHenry). -Location of blank form?

  2. Annex-ee provides signed, completed form to city staff.

  3. Annexation is put on council agenda and voted on after the second read of the item.

  4. If approved, letter is sent to DeKalb CEO from City Management. GIS sends a copy of the same letter to DeKalb GIS. (

  5. The County has 30 days to protest the annexation under various grounds outlined in the Georgia code. If there is no response received from the County within that timeframe, it is assumed that they have no issue with the annexation.

  6. The annexation takes effect on the first 1st day of the month after 30 days have passed since the second read. (e.g. an annexation approved on November 15th will not take effect until January 1st of the next year.)

  7. DeKalb County and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs must be notified of the annexation within 60 days of it taking effect. DeKalb County GIS should be emailed the minutes of the meeting where the annexation was approved while the DCAs online annexation notification form shall be completed.

  8. Update all datasets that rely on the city’s boundary. (e.g. zoning, land use, municipal boundary, council district, and more).

Instructions for Submitting Annexations to DCA

DCA Web Submittal Portal -

  1. Log-in using DCA credentials located in secret server.

  1. Once logged-in, select Create New Annexation Report.

  1. Fill out form using the below as a guide.
  • Annexing Municipality- Municipality that is processing annexation or de-annexation.
  • County in which Annexation occurred - The county that the annexed land is in.
  • Authorization Type - The authority under which the annexation occured. Typically, it is an ordinance.
  • Authorization Number - The ordinance, act, or resolution number.
  • Authorization Date - The date the annexation was authorized (not the day it takes effect)
  • Effective Date - The day the ordinance takes effect. If unsure, refer to the city attorney.
  • Acreage - Total area of the annexed land.
  • Date Annexation processed by DCA - Will be completed by DCA.
  • Annexation Type - Indicate if you’re reporting an annexation or de-annexation.
  • Comments - Include a link to the minutes of the meeting the annexation was approved.
  1. Once complete, select

  2. If you need to make any changes, this is possible by clicking on the DCA ID from the Annexation Reports page. Make any changes you need and select “Update Annexation Report” once finished.

Instructions for Submitting Annexations to the County

  1. DeKalb County, specifically, has no web submittal or other standardized form for submitting annexations. However, per the Georgia code local municipalities are still required to submit a report to the County that includes all of the information that is sent to DCA.

  2. Using the DCA submittal form as a guide, include all of the information DCA asks for in a word document containing Tucker letterhead.

  3. Once complete, sent it via email to and also include a link to your city’s updated data (preferably via an open data site).

Tucker CID Data Validation

The city itself does not maintain data regarding CID classification. However, we do work to ensure that all parcels are correctly classified post-annexation.

  1. Pre-annexation, parcels in the Tucker-Northlake CID should be classified as S9 Tucker-Northlake CID in DeKalb’s parcel layer. Post-annexation, they should be classified as S5 Tucker-Northlake CID.
  2. As part of the annexation process, set a reminder to manually check all annexed parcels for the correct CID classification 60-days after they take effect.
  3. If the classification is incorrect, immediate notify the CID Executive Director, Tucker’s Community Development Director, DeKalb GIS, and the DeKalb Tax Commissioner Office.
  4. Once you’ve received communication that the error has been corrected, mark the issue as resolved in Asana.

Tip - Set the reminder in Asana so you’re sure to follow-up on it.

Tucker Print Map Checklist

  1. City Manager’s office
  2. Front lobby
  3. Annex (council chambers)
  4. Conference rooms
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