Accessing Web AppBuilder: Developer Edition & Configuring Apps on Mosaic


Some of InterDev’s MosaicGIS utilize Web AppBuilder: Developer edition for some or all of their web applications. WAB: DE is more flexible, but requires slightly more work to get up and running. This knowledge base article exists to help bridge that gap and make WAB: DE easier to use for MosaicGIS users.


This knowledge base article is geared toward GIS Analysts who are on MosaicGIS projects.


Access to MosaicGIS and its web server.


  1. Connect to MosaicGIS and open a web browser (Google Chrome preferred).

  2. Enter the URL for WebApp Builder: Developer Edition ( into your browser and press enter. If you encounter an error when navigating to the URL, it is possible that the WAB: DE service is no longer running. If this happens, post on the #mosaic channel on Slack.

  3. On the next screen, enter your ArcGIS Online or publicly accessible Portal for ArcGIS URL. You’ll next be prompted to enter your corresponding named user credentials.

  1. Next, you’ll be faced with the WAB: DE dashboard. You may create new 2D and 3D applications, edit existing applications, import app templates, download your app for deployment, and generally manage your WAB: DE projects.

  1. I will not be covering how to create or edit WAB: DE apps in this knowledge base article as Esri already has excellent documentation on the subject. You may find that documentation below.

  1. Finally, you’ll need to copy your app to the web server to fully deploy it to the public. Lucky for you, the web adaptor is already configured which means all you need to do to make your app live is copy it to the desired folder on the web server. You should have the web server directory for your specific project mapped to your desktop on Mosaic. If not, please post to #mosaic and ask for assistance.

Provided below are a few examples that demonstrate how the local web server directories correspond to the URLs of any uploaded apps.

Directory Name URL


Quality Control Checklist

  1. Once copied to the desired directory on the web server, make sure that your app is also available via the internet. The file directory name corresponds directly to what the URL will be. For instance, an app located at \\inetpub\wwwroot\test on the file server is available via the internet at

  2. The dev console is your best friend for troubleshooting issues with your apps! Check the console first before posting to #mosaic.

Chrome -

Firefox -

Internet Explorer -

Safari -

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